Patient Consultation & Drug Information






Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

We specialize in performing comprehensive reviews of your prescription and non-prescription medications, and work closely with your healthcare providers to personalize your therapy.   The goal is to assist you in taking your medications properly and to identify any potential or actual problems.  We provide detailed oversight of your medications and direct access to a specialty pharmacist to assist you with any questions you have about medications.

The comprehensive medication reviews and ongoing support are an essential to optimizing health outcome goals and improving patient safety. Every medication has the potential to cause side effects and should be used with caution, education and monitoring. We serve as your advocate in the coordination of your care and prescription treatment.

Patient Assistance Program

Pharmaceutical companies provide free or low cost access to medications to patients who meet specific eligibility criteria.  We can assist you in determining if there are patient assistance programs for your personal medication needs. We can also help you identify if you meet each companies eligibility criteria, both medical and financial. This service assists patients in both the application and renewal phases to help ensure continuity of therapy and improved health outcomes. Patient Assistance Program specialists provide personal support and guidance for patients needing ongoing medication access.

Drug Information Center

The Drug Information Center provides consultative support for practitioners, healthcare facilities and insurers. With advances in medication technology, new product approvals, and FDA recalls, it is important to have timely access to accurate information about medications. The Center is staffed by specialists with clinical resources and access to advanced drug information systems. The Center supports a variety of settings including:

Healthcare Facilities
(hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers)

(physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, dentists)

(school nurses, school systems, healthcare training programs, resource officers)

Government Agencies
(Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Part D, Tricare, FDA )

Law Enforcement
(Police, Sheriff, DEA, Public Defenders, State Attorneys, Homeland Security)

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