Patient Assistance

Creation of a non-profit healthcare institute focused on patient assistance program... Prescription Support

CPS developed the American Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a non-profit 501c(3) practice and research institute. The organization consists of leaders from across the healthcare industry. AIPS has developed specialty centers that foster collaborative solutions to both clinical and health management challenges.

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Electronic Records

Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Medication Therapy Management Practice

The development of an open source electronic health record that incorporates the resourcesrequired to conduct detailed drug regimen analysis.

CPS is expanding the list of sponsors and partnering organizations to assist in the development of a comprehensive prescription regimen analysis and MTM documentation system.

The project goal is to increase the ability to demonstrate both clinical and financial impact of MTM services while also reducing the time burden related to documentation.

Healthcare Analytics

Provider based healthcare claims analytic tool

The TheraClaim/TheraNet project combines the utility of a unique customized healthcare claims analysis platform. This supports the development of a collaborative specialty network of clinical practitioners who are focused on healthcare claims analytics.

The collaborative network provides training, technical support, resources and a unique claims query database. Members can utilize group templates or develop enhanced reporting unique to a healthcare facility, pharmacy benefit manager, or health plan. The application and peer-to-peer network can save an organization time and resources in comparison to independently developing claims reviews and reporting formats.


Grant proposals have been submitted to support the development of a state-wide MTM network in Florida

CPS is organizing the development of a Florida statewide network of pharmacists to provide medication therapy management (MTM) services.

The network's focus is on providing practice management support and creating a central platform of interfacing with insurers and health information technology platforms.