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We Are The
Drug Experts

Clinical Pharmacology Services is a specialty health care practice committed to improving the safe and effective use of medications.

Patient Services

We understand that no two patients are the same, and we will work with you to determine safe and effective medication regimens based on your individual needs. 

Clinical Consultation

Complete review of your medications and personalized therapy management

of Care

We work directly with you and your doctors to address medication-related problems


Identification and enrollment support for medical and financial assistance programs

Why Is A Medication Review Important?

Medications are the #1 tool used for healthcare treatment, but they are also the #1 cause of harm when not used appropriately. We rely on medications to help us stay healthy, but side effects, drug allergies, and other complications can cause new or worsened problems. The traditional response is to add more medications to treat the new problems, and the cycle continues.

A complete medication profile review can help identify drug-related problems, figure out the right drug and dose, identify non-drug treatment options, and reduce the number of medications you take.

Prescription Medication Bottle
Group 82.png
860+ million
Medications prescribed each year
80% +
Adults take at least 1 medication or supplement
$3.5+ billion
Spent each year due to medication problems
Patient counseling consulting medication
Professional Guidance for Pharmacy Solutions.
Healthcare Consulting

Our providers are experienced and involved at all levels of health care, from the implementation of clinical services to national regulatory agencies. We work with clients in various industries to provide consultative support as the subject matter experts on pharmacology and pharmacy practice.


Drug Information Support

Clinical Services

Practice Management

Regulatory Compliance

Clinical Research

Medical Affairs

Continuing Education

Forensic Pharmacology

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